Boot Camp

Train for Law School Success

            Law School is a challenging and competitive adventure. Smart preparation is key to success. Most students assume that means attending lectures, reading casebooks, and drafting course outlines. Instead, Law School rewards students who also demonstrate strong analytical and writing skills.

            Unfortunately, legal writing classes vary widely in quality. And many doctrinal professors rely on archaic teaching techniques that emphasize the accumulation of rules over analytical skills. Consequently, students struggle to develop practical legal writing skills. They suffer the disappointment of grades that don’t match their efforts while career opportunities slip away.

Professor Levine’s command of the legal writing process made my 1L year a big success. The skills he taught helped me win the First Year Moot Court Competition, earn top grades, and secure an exciting summer associate job. I was fortunate to learn from him.
— Kaila H., UCLA School of Law

            Lawrite’s “Boot Camp” empowers pre-law and 1L students to compete right out of the gate. We teach a process-oriented approach to legal analysis and writing. Guesswork is replaced with technique. Our students produce work product that is legally sound, logically organized, precise, unambiguous, and concise. Armed with these skills, they avoid the stress, confusion and anxiety that distract so many others. Better still, these are exactly the practice-ready skills employers value in students and graduates.

            We have twenty years of experience teaching students to think and write like a lawyer. That's an easily attainable goal – when taught in a methodical manner. In only five to six sessions, our students learn more from us than most do in an entire Law School writing course, including:

    The Challenge of Law School's Learning Gap

    The "Three Pillars" of Legal Analysis

    Rule Explanation, Synthesis and Application Techniques

    Stylistic Conventions for the Busy, Skeptical Reader

    Study Skills that Promote Efficient, Low-Stress Learning

            Our attorney-tutors conduct training one-on-one by video chat at a time convenient to you. Only a modest amount of non-session work is assigned and individualized feedback is provided. Most students complete the training in five to six hours. Our hourly fee is $175. Call today for a free consultation.