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Earn top grades by solving the mystery of Law School final exams. Lawrite's formula-based strategy makes lawyerly use of your knowledge to bridge the gap between what professors teach and what they test. Overcome the challenge of exams, avoid stress, and create terrific career opportunities with our one-on-one tutoring. Learn More

Boot Camp

Gain a competitive advantage by starting Law School skilled in legal analysis and writing. Lawrite arms pre-law and law students with the critical thinking, writing, and study skills needed for success. Our students learn well because they avoid the confusion and stress suffered by most 1Ls. Learn More

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Develop writing skills that satisfy the easily distracted, skeptical law-trained reader. Lawrite offers individual and workshop solutions for attorneys, law clerks and specialists. Technique is favored over theory, and practical skills are embraced to achieve immediate, lasting results. Learn More


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What Others Say . . .

Law School success is all about learning from the best professors. Students are overwhelmed by confusing and often conflicting instruction about what it means to think “like a lawyer.” Professor Levine is a master at cutting through that fog to train students in the writing skills needed on exams and in practice.
— Abigail M., Harvard Law School
Professor Levine is highly respected for his knowledge of legal writing and genuine enthusiasm for the learning experience. His process-oriented approach makes sophisticated legal writing an easily attainable goal.
— Professor Christy DeSanctis, The George Washington University Law School
Lawrite helped me reach the top of my class. Before that, I was just working hard. Their methodology is a smart strategy for writing exam answers. You won’t find a better prep technique.
— Josh G., New York University School of Law


Why Lawrite?

Successful lawyering starts and ends with strong writing skills. Lawrite offers legal writing and exam training to pre-law students, law students, and attorneys. We rely on techniques that produce analytically sound, precise, clear, and succinct work product. Our tutors are passionate about the writing process and make learning a rewarding experience.

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How We Differ

Lawrite reduces complex legal writing theories into a methodical, user-friendly process that produces work product valued by the law-trained audience. That process eliminates the guesswork from analysis, and clever information and time management techniques make writing highly efficient.

Even more, our training embraces the core skills needed for success on moot court, journals, clerkships, bar exams, and the practice of law.