What others say about the Lawrite Consulting services for Exam Prep, Boot Camp and Attorney Training.

What Others Say

Lawrite helped me reach the top of my class. Before that, I was just working hard. Their methodology is is a smart strategy for spotting and analyzing issues. More than Law School, Lawrite taught me that good grades require skills beyond just knowing the law.
— Josh G., New York University School of Law
My grades improved dramatically after taking Lawrite. I learned the writing and analytical skills needed to tackle any essay exam question.
— Terry H., Georgetown University Law Center
Lawyering success is all about learning from the best professors. Students are overwhelmed by confusing, and often conflicting instruction about what it means to think “like a lawyer.” Professor Levine is a master at cutting through that fog to train students in the writing skills needed on exams and in practice.
— Abigail M., Harvard Law School
Professor Levine’s command of the legal writing process made my 1L year an big success. The skills he taught helped me win the First Year Moot Court Competition, earn top grades, and secure an exciting summer associate job. I was fortunate to learn from him.
— Kaila H., UCLA School of Law
I thought that studying harder than other students would help me reach the top of my class. I was wrong. After earning poor grades the first semester, I began working with Lawrite. I learned how to draft high scoring essay exam answers and immediately improved from B’s and C’s to all A grades. Working smarter makes so much sense.
— Dennis H., The George Washington University Law School
I discovered Lawrite after countless hours of studying resulted in only average grades. I was anxious to improve fast. Lawrite taught me how to study smart and score high exam grades. My class rank soared from middle of the pack to the top in just one semester!
— Anthony D., New York Law School
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Professor Levine is highly respected for his vast knowledge of legal writing and genuine enthusiasm for the learning experience. His process-oriented approach makes sophisticated legal writing an easily attainable goal.
— Professor Christy DeSanctis, Director of the Legal Research and Writing Program, The George Washington University Law School
I endorse Lawrite without reservation. I now understand what is expected on exams and how to use my knowledge to produce results.
— Derek C., Boston University School of Law
Beyond reading and outlining, I gave little thought to how I would actually use that knowledge on exams. Lawrite taught me with a brilliant, user-friendly strategy that helped me excel on essay exams. I went into exams excited to show off my ability to produce lawyer-like answers.
— Sona M., Santa Clara University School of Law
Legal writing is the life-blood of lawyering. Professor Levine’s practical, organized approach makes learning easy and his enthusiasm is infectious. His legal writing class was the single most influential class I took during Law School. I attribute much of my success to the skills he taught me.
— Jenna Gabay, Esq., Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C.
Lawrite gave me the tools to perform at the highest level on any law school exam. Highly recommended, especially for first semester 1Ls.
— Andrew S., University of Maryland School of Law
Lawrite is fantastic! Its sensible techniques were easy to learn and key to helping me reach the top of my class.
— Natalie S., The Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
After my 1L year, I applied for summer associate positions at some of the nation’s top law firms. The brief I submitted as my writing sample relied on the systematic approach to writing that Professor Levine taught so well. I received several offers and was often complimented on the professional quality of my writing. The skills I learned from Professor Levine prepared me for long-term success.
— Eric E., The George Washington University Law School
I have tutored for Lawrite because it teaches practical legal writing skills in a process-oriented manner. One of my former students is now a sitting judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois. Another took Lawrite in her 3L year, had an “a-ha!” moment in her very first session, and raised her G.P.A. significantly on her next set of exams. Lawrite works because it helps students connect what professors teach to what they test.
— Cheryl Kettler, Visiting Professor of Legal Research and Writing, Georgetown University Law School
Lawrite’s Boot Camp is fantastic! More than just an introduction to the challenges of law school, I learned basic legal writing techniques and a smart, efficient learning strategy. I started school with a clear advantage over my competition.
— Anthony L, University of Pittsburgh School of Law