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Be prepared.

Law School essay exams can derail even the most conscientious student. How? Professors teach core legal principles. Consuming that knowledge takes tremendous time and effort. But more than that is required for exam success. Students are exam-ready only when they are skilled at applying doctrinal knowledge to resolve legal issues in writing that satisfies busy, highly skeptical professors. Students struggle when they elevate memorization over analytical thinking and writing skills.

Worse yet, students are lulled by past academic success into assuming that they have the learning skills needed for Law School. Instead, they often fail to adjust their study habits to the unique challenges of Law School exams. Many also lack information and time management techniques, critical reading, and assessment skills required for effective practice testing.

Top law students adapt to new learning challenges. Good grades requires a strategy for spotting and analyzing legal issues under difficult exam conditions. Lawrite's formula-based strategy bridges the gap between doctrinal knowledge and exam writing. It’s not magic, though it may seem like that to students struggling to earn grades that match their hard work. Our students draft essay exam answers in the structure and style expected by professors.

I thought that studying harder than other students would help me reach the top of my class. I was wrong. After earning poor grades the first semester, I began working with Lawrite. I learned how to draft high scoring essay exam answers and immediately improved from B’s and C’s to all A grades. Working smarter makes so much sense.
— Dennis H., The George Washington University Law School

Lawrite has over twenty years of experience helping students achieve academic success. The key to that success is practice testing, and what sets us apart is our formula for spotting and analyzing issues. That formula compels highly focused, efficient writing. And our training won't distract you with tedious lectures, study guides, or homework. We lead you through interactive exercises that confront most exam challenges. We often anticipate your questions and resolve them before you ask. Lawrite students enter exams well-prepared to demonstrate sound lawyering skills.

Our attorney-tutors conduct the training one-on-one through video chat. We accommodate your schedule and require no long-term commitment. Most students complete our training in five one-hour sessions. Our hourly fee is $175.

Law School is rewarding for students who overcome new learning challenges and avoid unwanted distractions. Make an informed decision about how best to compete for top grades. Call today for a free consultation.