Attorney Training

Advanced legal Writing solutions

Strong writing skills produce lawyering success. An attorney’s ability to inform, advise, or persuade relies on writing that satisfies the busy, highly skeptical reader. Law firms, corporate counsel, and government agencies know that productivity and job satisfaction correlate to writing skills. But Law Schools struggle to produce practice-ready graduates, and employers have not fared much better.

The transition from academia to practice is challenging. Many law students lack the critical thinking and reading skills needed to absorb doctrinal or skills based instruction. Law professors vary in teaching ability, and often rely on techniques that emphasize the accumulation of rules over analytical thinking. Doctrinal courses also dominate the curriculum, limiting the number of practice skills classes. It’s no surprise that graduates seldom think and write in a "lawyerly" manner.

Training legal professionals to write well consumes scarce business resources. Employers who rely on their own attorneys to lead these efforts discover that trainers lack sufficient time, interest, or teaching skills. Or they retain writing "specialists" who recycle off-the-shelf stylistic tips to the exclusion of analytical considerations. Securing meaningful, cost-efficient training is a constant professional development challenge for employers.

The solution lies with skilled educators. Lawrite instructors have substantial Law School teaching experience. We focus on practical writing principles and promote self-regulating learning behaviors. Our success training law students and attorneys proves that progress is achieved by embracing a process-oriented approach to improving logic, structure, precision, clarity, and brevity. That, combined with active learning techniques and assessments, generates professional growth.

We offer both workshop and individual services because "one-size" training does not fit all. Our workshop topics include critical thinking, logic and structure, rule explanation and synthesis, strategic fact applications, stylistic conventions (including the "Plain English" Doctrine), giving and receiving feedback, the revision process, and time management skills. Our one-on-one training begins by diagnosing strengths and weaknesses. From there, we implement focused, user-friendly improvement strategies.

Well-written legal work product is simple and elegant. And powerful. Please consider Lawrite Consulting when exploring training opportunities for your professionals. We accommodate your educational needs, budgetary constraints, and schedules. Training is conducted live or by video conference, and we are available to travel.