Is Lawrite’s Boot Camp Right For You?

Law School success is easily accessible, but only if you understand the skills valued by professors and prepare wisely for the challenge. That’s how top students succeed, and they often do it with less effort and stress than most.

Begin by recognizing that, first and foremost, lawyers are problem solvers. That means identifying the issue, researching the applicable rule of law, explaining that rule, and evaluating whether relevant facts satisfy the rule. That’s legal analysis. Of course, the analysis can be either predictive or persuasive. It can be communicated orally or in writing. An effective analysis also complies with distinct conventions of structure, style and format.

Law School and practice success is almost entirely dependent on your ability to analyze legal issues and communicate predictions and arguments in a precise, organized, clear, and concise manner. Your analysis also must meet the needs of your law-trained audience, whether they are professors, assigning attorneys, clients, or judges.

Legal analysis is not rocket science. In fact, it’s a rather straightforward exercise if you follow a process-oriented approach to analysis and writing. Unfortunately, most law students struggle to acquire those skills. Many are never even taught the basic process. Instead, they are overwhelmed with poorly explained “theories” and “techniques” that make their task confusing and haphazard.

Imagine the competitive advantage of a 1L armed with sound analytical skills and efficient learning strategies! Or consider the satisfaction (and relief) of a student already in school who has turned around their performance by adopting a process-oriented approach. And, of course, think about the long-term consequences of developing (or, worse yet, failing to develop) strong analytical skills.

Learning the process of legal analysis and writing is key to lawyering success. Sooner or later you must develop that skill to survive in this profession. Make an informed, timely decision about how and when you will do this. Lawrite’s Boot Camp is one option. Contact us today to decide if it is right for you.