Avoid the 1L Trap!


Many first semester 1L students cling to the belief that past academic success and a strong work ethic will earn them top Law School essay exam grades. Those students resist altering their study strategy despite warnings that exam success requires specific skills unlike anything they have used in the past.

Lawrite trains mostly second semester 1Ls and 2Ls. Those students have learned the hard way that something more than outlining, memorization and study group participation is needed to produce “lawyerly” answers under exam conditions. Wouldn’t it be nice if they knew that before sitting for exams in the fall of their first year? At least then they could make an informed decision about how best to prepare.

Naturally, students are skeptical of changing study habits that have worked well for them since High School. We get that. All we are suggesting is that 1L students peek outside of their comfort zone to consider whether they are ready for this unique challenge.

Done right, law school is an exciting and empowering experience. Successful students are intellectually nimble enough to adopt new study strategies when learning challenges change. That includes working smart, seeking meaningful support, and avoiding wasteful distractions.

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